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Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

Tips Jewelry Custom Jewelry Sparkle Stay

It is said, from past until now, jewelry remains a valuable item. Jewelry consists of various types and even now there is a custom jewelery or jewelery costume jewelery in Bali. The price is also quite varied depending on the major rust in it and hard whether or custom jewelery / costume jewelery made. To have your jewelry preserved, follow these maintenance tips from the following jewelery workshop.

Silver jewelry, including an easy kind of looks dull especially for custom silver jewelery. For more on the safe side, you better save a custom jewelery silver jewelry in an airtight box. Use a toothpaste or a special liquid cleaners to remove the impression of silver in silver dull your costume jewelery. Do the cleaning every 1 to 2 weeks.

In addition to selling high enough in the workshop jewelery, gold jewelery processed in costume as a complement of accessories is also much in demand. Not a few people make gold a good investment. The greater the level of rust, gold prices higher as bali jewelery store.

To care for the beauty of gold, do not use a different gold rust are adjacent. For example a ring, try using a heavy ring rust the same. This is to prevent gold from rust lunturnya greater. Wrap the cloth of gold with smooth and closed when you save it. This is to avoid the occurrence of scratches on the surface of gold.

If you are a dirty gold, combine soft detergent, warm water and a few drops of liquid ammonia. Then wash it with liquid gold with a soft fluffy brush. Avoid the gold from the dust, oils, and cosmetics.

Use a solution of soap and warm water to clean jewelry made of pearls. Keep pearls in a special box to avoid scratches. Do not put pearl one place with rocks and metal.

Chemical products and cosmetics are strongly advised to not touch the diamonds. That's what probably makes you lose your diamond jewelry sparkle. Diamond jewelry clean by using warm water, mild soap and soft brush to remove dirt there.

Enter your diamond jewelry in a solution of mild detergent (mild) or liquid soap to wash ivory. To remove dirt, scrub with a brush or a brush with very soft fur and soft to avoid scratches.

After that jewelry toss in a solution of a few moments, then rinse with warm water. Dry the jewelry using a soft cloth and gently. If on the sidelines of jewelry you find lumps of dirt, pluck it out with a toothpick.

Before buying a diamond, you should first ask whether the stone has undergone treatment process or not. To experience the process of diamond treatment, such as closing of the crack, avoid using materials that contain ammonia wash.

If the jewelry contains stones other than diamonds, use cleaning fluid terlunak required by the most sensitive rock.

Jewelry You also need to be protected from chemicals used in everyday chores, like washing or mopping. Use rubber gloves or remove the jewelry when doing homework. Avoid diamonds and other jewels from the bleach spray and hair dye because it will spoil it.

Minggu, 13 Desember 2009

Gear Care Tips Women's Necklace

No wonder, if she really liked it named accessories / Women's Stuff, which consists of necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings (Mau other accessories? Here where Wallets & Retail Bag Stores). Moreover, almost all women use this one thing. To add to the appearance to make it look more interesting and different.

So it is not surprising, when the object is named accessories to be one thing but a collection of women handbags and clothing. Form and model different and can be worn at any time, in accordance with the activities conducted.

Do not just happy to wear accessories / Women's Stuff, but rather painstaking care, too, dong. Since each accessory or jewelry have different characteristics, treatment means were different. Let's find out more ....

Gold shine
Accessory gold materials are durable and are suitable for use everyday. But do not rule out the color would fade. I'll still cling, should:

Save gold accessories in a soft cloth and accessories away from non-gold materials and then complete the sun is used, see here also Shop Bag Purse & Shop, because you can find info about the other accessories.

Clean using a soft cloth, not coarse and free fibers.

Routinely brought to the shop accessories Accessories gold jewelry (at least once every two years) to be cleaned professionally.

If you do not have time to go to a jewelry store, clean themselves. Way, soak the gold in 15 minutes to a solution of two cups of warm water that given a few drops of mild soap. Brush gently, fluffy brush, rinse with warm water, and dry with soft cloth

Silver shines
Many people do not realize that silver has a quality as good as other types of home accessories treated correctly (check all accessories prices here Sell Cheap Gear & Accessories).

Store silver in a dry, dark, and closed. Wrap silver in a waterproof plastic bag to keep the color does not quickly dull (like purses and handbags cheap? Check here Bags & Wallets Cheap).

Clean the silver with acid or acid kelerak Java that can be purchased at the supermarket. Alternatively, use a mixture of vinegar and some baking soda. Enter a silver accessories to it, stir briefly, then rub gently (brought here Sell Cheap Gear & Accessories). Rinse with warm water and dry using a soft cotton cloth.

The combination of silver jewelry with certain rock types need special attention. Instead of damaging condition, there's no harm in us brings to the Gear Shop to clean silver jewelry.

Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

Silver Jewelry Caring Tips

This article only discusses how to take care of your silver jewelry. For the other parts of jewelry such as gemstones, pearls, or other components, described in another article.

Fashion silver jewelry with an up-to-date than our current add charm to wear, also will add sheen of our jewelry box. So really an important thing to make a silver always shine every time. Nearly all real silver jewelry is sterling silver which has been mixed with other metals (usually copper), which is a stronger metal, but tends to fade if not cared for properly. Read the back of sterling silver articles on this blog.

Should keep your silver jewelry in a cool, place in a dry place in a cloth or bag that can counteract the fading silver. Cloth or a bag of this type of slow fading process and keep the jewelry from rubbing with something hard on the surrounding that can cause blisters.

To avoid damage, avoid contact with the silver jewelry of household chemicals like bleach or ammonia substance, or when swimming in the water with chlorine disinfectant. Make sure that you let go of all the jewelry before the activity with these substances, or before entering the pool!

Sterling silver jewelry worn continuously sometimes cause "patina" is unique, kind of circumstances where the jewelry forms part of a luminous but with some dark areas. Some people love this stuff and consider it to add "strength" of jewelry, but if you like silver jewelry is always bright and shiny, they must mebersihkannya with phosphate-free detergent, or use the "polish" silver (silver polish).

Some people use toothpaste to clean their silver jewelry, but now some experts warned of silver to not use it because they believed that it was too abrasive (making rude) and leave scratches.

Finally, always supervise the use of your silver jewelry. Often, too, 'enhancements' such as jewelry claps, Prongs, supply chain and earring post may be damaged over time to walk.

And if you need a 'doctor' silver jewelry, local silversmith is the most appropriate place to immediately restore the beauty of your jewelry to its original peak condition.

And finally, pay attention to your jewelry will provide a wonderful experience during use.